How To Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Fun Exercises for your Dog when you need to stay Indoors 

It is important that your dog gets exercise and fresh air for at least one hour every day. The problem is that it is not always possible to exercise your dog outdoors. The new normal ushered in by Covid-19 is an example of a time when pet-parents found it difficult to give their dogs outdoor exercise. Happily, there are many fun activities that your dog can enjoy even if you need to stay indoors. 


 Invest in a dog treadmill. You can start by making your dog exercise on the treadmill at a slow speed. You can gradually increase the speed to give your dog a healthy workout in the same manner as walking or running outdoors. Run the treadmill at first so that the dog becomes familiar with the sound and sight of a running treadmill. Give the dog treats when he starts using a treadmill. Do not tie the dog to the treadmill but use the leash to help him get used to working out on a treadmill. 


 If your home has a flight of stairs, use the stairs as a tool to exercise your dog effectively indoors. Running up and down stairs will increase the strength of your dog’s muscles. You could roll a ball down the stairs and ask the dog to bring it back to you by going down and climbing up the stairs. After running up and down the stairs several times, your dog will get the same exercise as walking or running outdoors for an hour. 

 Hide and Seek 

 Hide and Seek is a game that is enjoyed not only by kids but by dogs as well. The game gives dogs the required physical exercise and stimulates their brain. Put your dog in a room and close the door. Put healthy and low-calorie treats around your home where your dog can find them without getting hurt. Open the door of the room and let your dog search for the treats. The dog will enjoy searching for the treats. Once the dog finds all the treats, repeat the game till your dog is tired of this fun and unique workout. 


 If you have a spacious home, Fetch is a fun game to play with your dog when you need to stay indoors. The game helps increase the energy and overall health of your dog. If your dog has never played Fetch before, it is an ideal game to teach your dog when you need to stay indoors. Fetch is also mentally stimulating for the dog. Pent up energy of the dog when it needs to stay indoors is released when you play Fetch, and it improves the behavior of your dog. To play Fetch, you need to throw a ball or stick and say Fetch. Your dog needs to run and bring back the ball or stick to you. 


 Chase is a beneficial game for the pet parent and the dog. You and your dog will get plenty of exercise while playing this game, and you can bond with your dog better. You need to run away from your dog with a ball or toy that your dog loves to play with and ask him to chase you and get it back. You do need to teach your dog to stop chasing you when you are tired out.

 Treat-Dispensing Toy

 Treat-dispensing toys are a fun way to stimulate your dog both physically and mentally, especially when you both need to stay indoors. These toys are dishwasher-safe and available at pet stores. You need to load healthy treats into the toy. The toys pose many difficulties for the dog to get the treat out. Staying indoors can make your dog bored. These treat-dispensing toys make sure that your dog stays busy when you cannot take him outdoors. These toys are also useful if your dog eats too quickly. The mechanism in the toy is designed to make the dog eat one treat at a time. 


 If you live in a small apartment or if the weather is bad and you cannot give your dog enough exercise outdoors, signing him up for classes at local indoor dog centerswill give him all the exercise he needs to stay healthy and happy. A wide range of classes for dogs are offered at these centers. Dogs can learn swimming, enjoy flyball events with other dogs, get exercise at dancing classes and indoor agility classes and, learn important lessons at obedience training classes. 

 It is not always possible for you as a pet parent to help your dog get adequate exercise outdoors but don’t fret! There are many activities that not only give your dog mental stimulation but the physical exercise and energy that he needs when you have no choice but to stay indoors.

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