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This is how you keep your dog Healthy.

We make organic, all natural, human-grade dog treats for the purpose of donating money to animal welfare organizations in order to save more homeless pets.

Since starting our business in November 2012, we've donated over $270,501 to our partner groups! We know it is crazy that every item sold on our site generates a donation back to our partner groups of up to 30% - Crazy Good!

We also sell and offer information on how to exercise your dog using Slatmills and exercise wheels.

We are sorry but our store is temporally closed. Our only suggestion for a replacement dog treat is listed below.

FABCBD Dog Treats

These CBD Dog Treats are made with a oat base instead of wheat, which every puppy loves, and includes a broad spectrum hemp extract.


Review by Alexandria C. on 30 Nov 2021review stating YumI have two dogs. One’s a husky mix, so intelligent and conversational. He will ask me to give him these. I try to give him one with each meal but sometimes he wants more. I’ll have him pick which type of treat he’s asking for. And he often want these. Also these really seem to help the dogs’ mobility in some way

Alexandria C.



These really help calm my
Review by Karen H. on 15 Jun 2021review stating These really help calm myThese really help calm my dog down when there are fireworks or thunder. I like it because it doesn’t make her seem out of it. Just calmer

Angela M


Sadie Loves Her Treats
Review by ELLEN M. on 3 May 2021review stating Sadie Loves Her TreatsOne cannot leave the house without moaning and barking. We show her a treat and she sits nicely and we can leave. Also like that it calms her while we are gone.


14 Tips for Buying a Dog SlatMill: What to Consider? 

Do you have a dog? Have you thought about getting a slat mill for them? If so, this article is just what you need. This post includes 11 tips for buying a slat mill that will be perfect for your pup! Consider these points before making any decisions on which one to buy. We also offer some alternatives that might work better if the first ten don't seem like they'll fit your needs.

 1) Price -

 When considering the price, remember that more expensive mills are typically made of higher quality materials and safer for humans and dogs alike. They are also generally easier to clean up after playtime is over.

 2) Size -

 The size of the slat mill should be proportional to the size of your dog. Be sure that they won't get stuck or injure themselves in any way!

 3)Pet's playtime

 -Consider what kind of playtime the animal prefers - If your pup likes to run around and chew on things, then a slat mill may be just for you!

 -If you want something more interactive like tug-of-war games or fetching toys, there are other options available as well. Try visiting our blog post about the best pet balls! There's also this interesting article about how playing with pets can improve mental health.

 4)Length of the slatmill

 Another tip to consider while buying your dog's slat mill is the length of the slats. The longer they are, the more space your dog has to run around and play! Make sure there's plenty of space around the slat mill for easy playtime -Be aware that more extended mills will take up more room. Consider if you have enough room inside as well -even though they look small, some dogs might not be comfortable with tight spaces.


 -On that note, it's essential to be careful about what kind of flooring you have in your home while choosing a mill for your pet. Longer slats will get caught on any uneven surfaces or carpets, which can cause accidents if not taken into consideration before purchasing one for daycare homes.

 6)Available space

 -Consider how much space you have in your home for a slat mill - If it's too big, you might find yourself running out of room! Keep in mind that more extensive mills are harder to clean up as well! Consider how much space you have available before purchasing one of these for your home. The more open the flooring, the better it will be at providing a good running space for your pet.


 -Is there somewhere outside where the dog can play? You'll want to make sure that if an accident happens (which is bound to happen with any animal), it won't be ruined by rain or snow. It would help if you didn't let this discourage you from getting one because it's essential to keep in mind their safety above anything else. Dogs can be destructive even when not trying, so make sure it's always safe before buying one! Remember - no matter what kind of mill you purchase or whether not you choose an alternative option, your dog will love you for it!

 8)Personal preferences

 Now we're going to discuss several alternatives other than buying a commercialized pet product such as Dog SlatMills. This may be better depending on your personal needs and preferences. There are many options available online, like this interesting article from Pets Adviser, which talks about all sorts of things beyond just dog toys.

 9) Purpose of the treadmill

 -When acquiring a treadmill for your dog, you need to bear in mind the actual usage of the machine. May it be losing weight, strengthening muscles, exercising or running on the track. This will help you in choosing one of them for your pet dog.


 -Consider where in the home you want to purchase one; make sure not to get caught out by any uneven surfaces like carpets. However, the longer the slats, the more space they'll have while playing, so this might influence which product is best suited for them. There are many choices online if you don't feel confident about buying one from daycare homes yet still want something fun for both of you. This article covers several decisions and their benefits which you might find helpful. 

 11) Available options

 -Finally, there is always more than just buying your pup an expensive product; they might love their Dog Slat Mill, but that doesn't mean other alternatives aren't available. Whereas these days there are even hotels where dogs can play during their stay, such as what you'll see at Canine Social Club. As always, safety must come first, so don't compromise if you think your dog might get hurt in any way.

 12)Quality of the treadmill

 The final tip is all about the quality materials used to make the product. Here are a few things to remember: -Bigger brands offer higher quality products, but this doesn't mean cheaper ones aren't still good. Be careful of any sharp edges as they'll be more prone to causing damage and accidents if not properly looked after during the cleaning process. Avoid cheaply made products that could break easily or might even pose a risk to your pet's health!

 13) The type of paws for your dog

 Another essential thing to consider is whether your dog will do well on the product, especially if they have a specific condition such as arthritis. Confirm before acquiring a treadmill so that you don't end up causing your pet harm and suffering.

 14) The cost of running it

 The final tip is all about how much power the machine uses when in use; some might take up so much energy that it could end up costing as opposed to just buying one. Remember: cheaper isn't always better! We hope these tips help guide anyone looking into purchasing Dog Slat Mills or any other type of pet toy for that matter. 


 If you're looking for a toy that will provide hours of entertainment and exercise for both you and your dog, then consider investing in a slat mill from Firepaw. Remember - with any pet product, safety is always a priority, so take precautions before using them. Your pup will love you even more when they have this new milestone in their daycare routine! There are countless options out there at all different price points but