Special Two-Day Only Fundraiser

Weds and Thurs., June 3rd and 4th only for


in care of Pound Pals Rescue

At just 10 years old, Pierre looks far older than his years. He is currently hospitalized with what the shelter said was a "sore" on his side. What he actually has in an intentional 3rd degree burn on his back and side. When Dr. Rocky touched his side to examine it, his skin and fur literally peeled away with his hand! Unfortunately, this horrible injury is the least of his health concerns. Pierre tested positive for two tick diseases which have affected his kidney & liver function and have destroyed his platelets. Treatment has been started for the liver and kidney issues but he is going to need plasma which is much more expensive than a blood transfusion.

There is a short window to treat him which means there is a very short window to raise funding.

Pierre has been severely abused and horribly neglected for many years but through it all, he remains friendly. This little senior has been fighting for a long time just to survive. If ever a dog deserved a chance, it would have to be Pierre. 

Pepper Jane

in care of Pound Pals Rescue

Pepper Jane joined the Pound Pals Family when her owner passed away. She had a mass in her mouth which they have been diligently watching for changes. Unfortunately, it has started growing very rapidly and must be debulked and sent off for histopathology. The estimated cost of Pepper's hospitalization, surgery and testing is $1,600. 

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