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Our Current Benefiting Partner

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Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary

Hermitage, MO

Many people are afraid to face death and fail to plan for their pets future. Death, or sudden tragedy, can be a frightening reality and this is one of the reasons Whispering Willows exists. WWSDS is a 501c3 non profit and licensed in the state of Missouri. Most shelters do not have the provisions to care for seniors. Whispering Willows assist the community locally and nationwide by filling this gap.

“Whispering Willows is a place to call home,” as it is a lifetime sanctuary providing shelter, medical care, and most of all love until the senior dog passes. The rescue specializes in end of life hospice care for seniors that have a short time to live, allowing some to experience love for the very first time. 

Being a unique sanctuary, Whispering Willows is in high demand.  The sanctuary receives 60 to 100 requests per week. This highlights the overwhelming need for senior and end of life care in the pet community.

In 2018/19, Whispering Willows was able to offer full time care for 121 senior dogs. 93 of those seniors have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, with love being whispered until their last breath. 


The sanctuary is currently at capacity.  An additional building was moved onto the sanctuary property and is currently being renovated. The renovation is more than halfway done allowing them to partially use the building. The building is 1,680 square feet and can additionally house up to 65 seniors at a time. giving Whispering Willows the opportunity to help up to 80 dogs at a time. The current building will become the hospice house for seniors with terminal illnesses. The new building will be for independent stable seniors.