Our Current Benefiting Partner Group

through Tuesday, Dec. 15th at 8p.m. CST

Shaggy Dog Rescue

Shaggy Dog Rescue is a small rescue group in Houston, Texas dedicated to saving shaggy dogs, usually mutts in all shapes and sizes. Many of these dogs are in shelters scheduled for euthanasia, facing a certain death, others are rescued directly from the cruel streets of Houston. Dogs are rescued regardless of age or medical condition.
The number of dogs needing rescue is compounded by the fact that Houston has an area known as Melrose Park. The Park is located just opposite of the Harris County Shelter. When the shelter is closed, or surrendered pets are not accepted since the owner doesn't live in Harris County, heartless human are use the park as a dumping ground for their unwanted pets. People are seen throwing dogs and puppies out of cars, driving off to abandon them. Shaggy Dog Rescue also works with other non-profit groups in their area to aid in the rescue of these abandoned animals and takes on the care of these dogs as well when they can do so.