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Albert's Dog Lounge

Albert, a little senior Dachshund arrived in Wisconsin in 2016 and found himself homeless as was inadvertently put on a transport with no secure foster destination, It was quickly decided that this tiny guy, who was suffering from congestive heart failure and years of neglect, absolutely had to find a home and a loving family....and find one he did.

Thank to Albert, his foster family (Mandy and Darren) was inspired to make their two-car garage into a retreat for dogs needing space and time to decompress and adjust to new lives. It would be called Albert's Dog Lounge.


Unfortunately, shortly off, Albert passed suddenly.  Devastated, Mandy and Darren's mission became clear: In Albert's memory, they would do even more to help senior and hospice dogs like the little one who had so greatly enriched their lives.  In late 2017, Albert's Dog Lounge went from being a foster space in a converted garage to a 501c(3) non-profit rescue. Partnering with friends, fellow fosters, and senior dog lovers, Jody and Scott Fisher in Houston TX, this small team began rescuing seniors with a goal of helping seniors, special needs, and hospice dogs. 

Over the past few years, Albert's Dog Lounge has grown from a couple of friends with a mutual passion to a group of more than 100 dedicated volunteers and foster families and their success now allows them to transport and rescue seniors and special needs dogs from Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas.  

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